‘Tis the season to…

 …buy your kids LIFE INSURANCE!

It’s that time again…the holidays are quickly creeping up on us. Are you prepared? Have you gotten all of your shopping done? Can’t think of what to get the people who seem to have everything? How about your children or grandchildren…got them squared away?

If not, here’s a suggestion: Life Insurance.

Giving a gift of permanent life insurance allows parents or grandparents to provide the foundation for financial stability and economic freedom that can help children reach their financial goals at the important stages of their lives.

Forget the video games for the young kids or fancy gadgets for the teenagers…and give them something that will continue to work for them – not something that will be obsolete within 6 months. Lately, the trend has pointed to financially savvy parents and grandparents giving a permanent life insurance policy as a birthday gift, wedding or graduation gift, or for any other occasion that makes sense.

Sure, a gift of life insurance may not provide the immediate “wow” factor. However, the value will outlast any new toy, video game system, iPad or even a brand new car.  As a matter of fact, how many presents would warrant two thank you notes?? Not only do you get a thank you when you provide the gift, but think about the reaction 15 years down the road when the recipient begins to recognize the lasting value and potential growth of their policy. A smart, well-structured permanent policy may enable them to utilize some of the cash value for certain expenses during their life time when needed most…college tuition, down-payment on their 1st house, purchasing a wedding ring, etc.

Additionally, life insurance can be structured as a gift that “keeps on giving”. Every time the premium is paid, the cash value of the policy will grow. Also, the cash value of the policy grows on a tax-deferred basis – and ultimately, when the policy is used for its original purpose, the beneficiaries will receive the money tax-free, as death-benefit proceeds are not taxed as income.

Unlike other gifts, don’t wait for a sale…

Life Insurance premiums are based on current age, so whenever you buy will be the best time to buy, as the cost will NEVER be lower than it is right now. Additionally, buying right away locks in a premium based on the recipient’s current age and guarantees future health issues will not get in the way of insurability.

Are you wondering how to make it happen? EASY. The first step would be to call us. A licensed representative will be able to assist you in making the right choices when selecting the type of policy, as well as other items such as optional policy riders that may be (or may not be) beneficial.

So, when you are pondering where to spend your hard earned money on your kids or grandkids, think about a permanent life insurance policy.  Think about the benefits and satisfaction of leaving a lasting legacy that will continue to “give” for the whole life of your loved ones…

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