Living Benefits

Living Benefits are the cornerstone of the edge that the Alliance Group provides for its clients.

Most people purchase life insurance to provide a legacy of financial security at the time of their death. But doesn’t it make sense for the benefits to extend and be available for the difficult financial times they have to face if a chronic, critical or terminal illness precedes death? The industry calls the benefit an “Accelerated Death Benefit Rider.” We refer to it as real Living Benefits.

Most of us are in this profession because of a sincere desire to help others in a manner that is both unique and timely. Living Benefits is one of the reasons why the Alliance family of agents is so passionate about what we do every day.

Additional Protection Through Living Benefits Chart

Here is an all too common scenario.

  • The insured has purchased a universal life or term insurance policy from an Alliance representative.
  • Months or years later, a chronic, critical or terminal illness occurs, and money is needed due to the necessity for special care or expensive alternative treatment not covered by their health insurance; or to replace the income of the insured or the family member who volunteers to stay home as caregiver; or perhaps to just fulfill the insured’s living wish before the end of life.
  • In real life, families want to provide for the needs of the grandparent, parent, or child who became ill now, and not wait for the legacy of an insurance death benefit.
  • Combined with the ageless tax advantages inherent in a life insurance contract, if this living feature was better known more people would buy life insurance for the “living benefits” than just the death benefit.
  • Other insurance carriers who may offer it charge an additional premium for their accelerated death benefit rider.
  • The companies selected by the Alliance Group include the living benefits rider at no additional premium cost to the insured, with no separate underwriting requirements.

That is what distinguishes the Alliance Group from all others and allows us to build An Alliance for Life between our agents and their clients!

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